Technology Implementation and Project Management

Managing technical projects starts with the understanding that Information Technology has always been about how to get something done faster, more effectively or creating a paradigm shifting capability.  Perhaps a capability that could only have been imagined a few years before.

Technology continues to rapidly change and sometimes changes in unexpected directions. As the generations change the human elements of projects change too. Thus, this is a constantly evolving and changing area.

What does it take to Succeed in Creating Value?

One thing that does not change is that any project is about the creation of value.  What are some critical points of value creation in technology projects?  The points below are worth considering:

  • Create value as early as possible in the project lifecycle
  • Create user and management buy-in early and often
  • Minimize surprises for the project team
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Ensure user acceptance and adoption of the technology
  • Make the new technology part of the fabric of daily operations of the client company
  • Make the new technology useful and profitable as soon as possible

The most expensive computers in the world are nothing but costly paperweights if users cannot effectively produce something that helps an organization deliver its goods or services to consumers of some kind.

Value does not just happen by accident.  It takes good customer relationship management, a depth of technical knowledge and hard work with attention to detail to get anything useful and substantial done. 

Knowledgeable, certified professionals are part of the equation. For example, my certifications include industry standard certifications such as: CompTia Security +, Network+ and A+ .  In addition my current certifications from Microsoft include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in both Windows Server 2003 and Windows NT.  
Technical skills may have to correlate with other characteristics such as an active Security Clearance and an understanding of how to manage people and groups.  Accomplishing technology projects is challenging and worthwhile work.    When it is well done all concerned win.