A Professional Instructor Perspective

Training is all about creating the ability to produce.  The most effective training is thorough, crisp and demanding while effectively serving its particular educational purpose. 

A student's perception of value in training is usually based upon confidence in skills gained.  It takes both some repetitive doing and some theoretical understanding for people to become skilled at something.

During training students must be able to:

  1. Understand it – the theory of how and why to apply the thing.

  2. Do it using the actual tools and see that it works for themselves.

  3. Drill it over and over until they can do it.

If one, two and three above are accomplished, there has been a good thorough delivery of training.  The only way to enhance it any further is to use a copy of the actual environment that students work in.

What makes an effective instructor?

An effective instructor needs certain skills and native personality characteristics.  Among these characteristics are:

An instructor with these characteristics is very likely to create an effective educational experience.